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  • Michael Brown, a PhD student in ecology, evolution, ecosystems, and society, traveled to Uganda to bring rangers equipment to monitor giraffes. He used Wild-ID, a software program developed at Dartmouth that helps identify individual animals.

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  • Each fall students travel to Lesotho, Namibia, and South Africa to study conservation and sustainable development. They return with both life changing experiences & amazing photos. Take a look here!

  • Celia Chen, a research professor of biological sciences, and Richard Howarth, a professor of environmental studies, are working together on a grant supported by the EPA to determine the value of small streams to a fragile ecosystem in southern New Hampshire.

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  • Richard B. Howarth is Professor and Chair of Environmental Studies. His research, which directly addresses some of the most pressing challenges of our time, is an impressive example of how an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving at an academic level can form the basis for valuable contributions to complex problems in the real world.

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  • Accepting the student group award for Divest Dartmouth is Francesca Gundrum ’17, an ENVS major who said she first got involved in environmental issues while traveling the world working for research groups protecting whales, rhinos and turtles. “So my window on social justice started with animal rights,” she said. She joined Divest Dartmouth, she said, because it seeks to have a global impact.

    On Jan. 26, at Filene Auditorium in Moore Hall, this year’s five awardees were recognized for...

  • Environmental Studies Major

    City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation

    Bloomington, IN

    Natural Resources Education Specialist

    After graduation I immediately moved to Point Reyes Station, CA where I was an Assistant Fisheries Biologist and Monitoring Intern for Endangered Coho and Steelhead salmon species for Point Reyes National Seashore. This was an internship through the Student Conservation Association (SCA). After this internship I moved to Bloomington, IN for...

  • "Our First Year of Big Science" Ross Virginia wrote in the Lake Hoare camp log book in January 1990. Twenty-seven years later and it can definitively be said that Ross Virginia and Diana Wall have indeed done some "big science."

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  • Dickey Center Associate Director and Adjunct Professor of Environmental Studies, Melody B. Burkins ADV98, to Advise Merger of World’s Leading Science Organizations.

    A plan to merge two of the world’s leading international scientific organizations – the International Council of Science (ICSU) and International Social Science Council (ISSC) – in order to better address pressing global challenges will be...

  • President Phil Hanlon ’77 presents Kim Wind, program administrator for the Environmental Studies Program, with the Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Award, Dartmouth’s highest staff honor.

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  • Visiting Assistant Professor Selena Ahmed,  Alexandra Sclafani '18 and Calin Mason '18 are presenting a workshop titled "Flavor and Nutrition at the Marketplace" at the Bionutrient Food Association Conference this week.  The workshop is a culmination of research Professor Ahmed and the two students did stemming from "ENVS 25: Ecological Agriculture" this past summer.

    Flavor and Nutrition at the Marketplace
    What are the connections between terroir, flavor,...