ENVS majors present at the Bionutrient Food Assoc. Conference

Visiting Assistant Professor Selena Ahmed,  Alexandra Sclafani '18 and Calin Mason '18 are presenting a workshop titled "Flavor and Nutrition at the Marketplace" at the Bionutrient Food Association Conference this week.  The workshop is a culmination of research Professor Ahmed and the two students did stemming from "ENVS 25: Ecological Agriculture" this past summer.

Flavor and Nutrition at the Marketplace
What are the connections between terroir, flavor, nutrition, and health? How does this vary on the basis of production practices, distribution, and processing? This talk will address these questions using findings from crop quality trials in the marketplace towards tastier food, healthier communities, and more sustainable food systems.

Selena Ahmed, PhD, Montana State University, Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems, author of "Tea Horse Road: China's Ancient Trade Road to Tibet";
Alexandra Sclafani, undergraduate student, Dartmouth College, Environmental Studies and Geography;
Cailin Mason, undergraduate student, Dartmouth College, Environmental Studies

Here is the link: https://www.bionutrient.org/soil-and-nutrition-conference/topics