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  • Risk Mitigation and the Social Cost of Carbon

    Richard B. Howarth, M.D. Gerst, M.E. Borsuk

    Global Environmental Change 24: 123-131. (2014)

  • Applying a social-ecological system framework to the study of the Taos acequia irrigation system

    Michael Cox

    Human Ecology 42(2): 311-324. (2014)

  • The ecological role of moss in a polar desert: implications for aboveground- belowground and terrestrial -aquatic linkages

    Ball, B. A., Ross A. Virginia

    Polar Biology 37:651-664, DOI 10.1007/s00300-014-1465-2 (2014)

  • Connectivity and bottlenecks in a migratory wildebeest population

    Morrison, T.A., Douglas Thomas Bolger

    Oryx/ Volume 48 / Issue 04 / October 2014, pp 613-621


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