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  • With less than two weeks until the President attends the Conference on Climate Change, the Administration is committed to building momentum and ensuring a variety of stakeholders are at the table to act on climate. As part of that effort, the White House today announced that more than 200 university and college campuses signed the American Campuses Act on Climate Pledge to demonstrate their support for strong climate action by world leaders in Paris next month. These schools include...

  • Concrete Revolution: Large Dams, Cold War Geopolitics, and the US Bureau of Reclamation

    Christopher Sneddon, University of Chicago Press (2015), ISBN: 9780226284316

    In this stellar history, geographer Christopher Sneddon traces the twentieth-century boom that saw 50,000 big dams built worldwide. The US Bureau of Reclamation presided, from the Great Depression megaproject Hoover Dam to the cold-war export of bureau engineers to more than 100 countries. Yet by...

  • Anne Kapuscinski, a professor of sustainability science in the Environmental Studies Program at Dartmouth College, assumed the chairmanship of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) board of directors on October 28, 2015. She is the first woman to serve in this role.

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  • In recent years, the environmental studies program has made a push to encourage students to get their hands dirty — literally.

    Last spring, students in an environmental studies course, “Environmental Problem Analysis and Policy Formation” with professor Nicholas Reo, worked with Thetford Academy — an independent secondary school in Vermont — to foster environmental conscientiousness both inside and outside the classroom, and the students collectively authored a report titled “...

  • Justin Trudeau’s words — words of hope, shared optimism and a better future — rang out loud and clear Monday night. The CBC’s Peter Mansbridge noted that the Liberal Party leader’s victory speech was reminiscent of a hopeful Barack Obama in 2008. There was one hitch, though: many of the people who elected Trudeau didn’t vote Liberal because they believed in him. Their vote for the Liberal Party was more a vote against Harper than for our future prime minister.

    This is the reality many...

  • On October 9th, 2015, students from ENVS 17: Marine Policy traveled to the New England Aquarium (NEAq) in Boston to explore the exhibits and learn about the research, conservation, and education activities of the Aquarium. The trip is energizing to students and provides those who have not had much interaction with the ocean with the opportunity to directly experience the animals, plants, and ecosystems that we study. Analysis of the Aquarium’s educational activities on-site as well as talks...

  • Changing Oceans Semester Program Info Session!

    Colby at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences “Changing Oceans Semester Program”
    Wednesday, October 14
    11:30 am - 1:30 pm (stop by any time in between)
    Rockefeller 1930’s Room
    Lunch from Boloco!

    Interested in participating in a hands-on, research-intensive program to learn about ocean science in a changing global climate?  Dartmouth students have the opportunity to apply for a transfer term to...

  • See the video of the presentation on Dartmouth You Tube.

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    “The Only Viable Future: A Greener Food System and a More Equitable World”

    Ricardo Salvador, Director of the Food and Environment Program at the Union of...

  • See the video of the presentation on Dartmouth You Tube.

    “Big Problem, Bold Solutions: Leading Us Out of the Climate Crisis” Sustainability Solutions Café Series

    Who is Responsible for Climate Change?  Perspectives from Science, Ethics, Law, and Policy

    Friday, October 16, 2015

    4:30 - 6:30 PM

    Filene Auditorium, Moore Hall, Dartmouth...

  • While GLACIER is not an Arctic Council event, Virginia says, “It’s very much connected to the U.S. chairmanship agenda, which is focused on the safety, security, and stewardship of the Arctic Ocean, its adaptation to climate change, and the economic well-being of people of the North.

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