Barton Seaver - Sustainability and Seafood

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
4:30 - 6:30 pm
008 Kemeny Hall
Barton Seaver -  National Geographic Fellow, Chef, and Author of *For Cod and Country

The compelling narrative of conservation is a story of responsible consumption. Barton Seaver uses the common lens of dinner to translate some of the big issues affecting our oceans into everyday cultural concerns such as health, jobs and community. He explains how a sustainable approach to seafood goes beyond red lists and green lists. It's not just about what products we use, but just as importantly, how we use them. Beyond that, we have an opportunity as consumers to participate in the restoration of damaged ecosystems and depleted fisheries by supporting the work of fishermen and organizations working to improve the state of the marine environment. Seaver's thought-provoking and inspiring stories teach us about innovative ways everyone can glean more economic and social value out of theproducts we use every day. His mission is to help us restore our relationships with the natural world and, in doing so, achieve our common goals for well-being, prosperity, and sustainability.