Transfer Term Credit

Transfer Term Information

To apply to the Department of Environmental Studies for transfer term course credit, please email the following items to the Program Administrator, Kim Wind. (If submitting hard copies, please drop off to Kim Wind in 112 Steele):

  1. Actual syllabus for the course you will take in the specific term that you will take it, or the prior term it was taught.
  2. CV of the instructor who will teach the course in the term that you will take it.
  3. A completed Transfer Term Application. The ENVS evaluation of your application depends a lot on what you write to "describe how you plan to incorporate the transfer term into your Dartmouth academic program".
  4. Transfer Credit Approval Form. Be sure to clearly specify which course at Dartmouth you are asking for the transfer term course to replace, or whether you are seeking a general ENVS credit (indicated as ENVS 000).

Please allow one week for review of the submitted documents and decision.  See the registrar's transfer term page for deadlines and other important information.

Note: You must submit a transfer approval request before you take the course. Dartmouth will not approve transfer credit after you've already started taking a course at another institution.