Faculty Research Fields

Faculty Research

Douglas T. Bolger: Conservation biology.
Bala Chaudhary: Soil ecology, Mycorrhizal fungi, Ecosystem restoration and conservation, Antiracist STEM
Michael Cox:  Environmental governance.
Richard Howarth:  Environmental and ecological economics; normative theories of environmental policy analysis; sustainability and intergenerational fairness; ecosystem services; energy and climate change; integrated assessment modeling.
Theresa Ong: Agroecology, biological control, theoretical ecology, urban agriculture, complex systems, coupled human-natural systems..
Christopher Sneddon:  Political ecology, environmental politics, human-environment relations.
Joseph Tumber-Dávila: Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology, Forest Carbon, Plant Root Systems & Plant trait Ecology
Ross A. Virginia:  Climate change and ecological response in arctic and Antarctic ecosystems, soil biogeochemistry, arctic policy.
D.G. Webster:  Political economy and public policy.
Elizabeth Wilson: Energy and environmental policy.