D.G. Webster

|Associate Professor
Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

D.G. Webster is an associate professor in the Environmental Studies Department at Dartmouth. Her research focuses on the precursors to governance, or the processes that social-ecological systems have to go through to be ready to design and implement effective environmental policies. She is author of two books, multiple peer reviewed articles, and a number of successful interdisciplinary research proposals. She also serves as editor of the journal Global Environmental Politics and contributes to her field through service to the Environmental Studies Section of the International Studies Association and the Ocean Taskforce of the Earth Systems Governance Project

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Fairchild, Room 104
HB 6182


Environmental Studies


  • B.A. Connecticut College
  • M.A. University of Southern California
  • Ph.D. University of Southern California

Selected Publications

  • Books

    Webster, D.G. 2015. Beyond the Tragedy: Evolution and Sustainability in Global Fisheries Governance. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. https://direct.mit.edu/glep/article/16/4/138/14873/Webster-D-G-2015-Beyo...

    Webster, DG. 2009. Adaptive Governance: The Dynamics of Atlantic Fisheries Management. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 391 p. 

  • Peer Reviewed Articles/Book Chapters

    Webster, D.G., Mark Axelrod, and Semra Aytur. 2023. Turbulence and transition to healthy governance. In Dauvergn, Peter and Leah Shipton, eds. Global Environmental Politics in a Turbulent Era. London: EE Publishing.

  • Gonçalves, Leandra R., Candace K. May, and D.G. Webster. 2022. The Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development: What is at Stake? Introduction to the Special Issue: Science for Ocean Sustainability. Earth System Governance Journal. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2589811622000246

  • Akporiaye, Alero and D.G. Webster. 2022. Social License and CSR in Extractive Industries: A Failed Approach to Governance. Global Studies Quarterly. 2:3, 1-14 https://academic.oup.com/isagsq/article/2/3/ksac041/6705246

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Speaking Engagements

  • Webster, D.G. 2022. Introduction to ESG's Ocean Taskforce. A Trans- and Interdisciplinary Scientific Community Working Toward the Achievement of the SDGs. Side Event at UN Oceans Conference. Lisbon, Portugal. June 28-July1.

  • Webster, D.G. 2022. Precursors to Governance in the Chesapeake River Basin. Chesapeake Community Research Symposium. Annapolis, June 6-8.

  • Akporiaye, Alero and D.G. Webster. 2021. Social License and CSR in Extractive Industries. 2021. International Studies Association Annual Convention. Virtual Conference, April 6-9.

  • Webster, D.G., Mark Axelrod , Semra A. Aytur , Robyn S. Wilson , Joseph A. Hamm , Linda Sayed , Amber L. Pearson , Pedro Henrique C. Torres , Alero Akporiaye , and Oran Young. 2021. Learning from the Past: Pandemics and Transnational Health Governance. Earth Systems Governance Annual Conference. Bratislava, September 7-9.

  • Young, Oran R., D.G. Webster*, et al. 2020. Beyond Panaceas in Fisheries Governance. Coastal Science and Policy Seminar. University of California, Santa Cruz, May 11. [Virtual due to Covid]

Works In Progress

  • Webster, D.G. Precursors to Governance: Reconciling the Environment and Social Justice. (book project)

  • Theodore C Lim, Pierre Glynn, Gary Shenk, Joseph Guillaume, Patrick Bitterman, D.G. Webster, and John Little. In Review. Recognizing political influences in participatory social-ecological systems modeling. Socio-Environmental Systems Modeling.

Selected Works & Activities

  • Editorial Service

    Global Environmental Politics: Editor (2022-date), Associate Editor (2016-2022), Editorial Board (2013-2016)

    Environmental Politics: Editorial Board (2021-date)

    Earth Systems Governance Journal: Editorial Board (2021-date)

    Guest Editor: 

    2021-2022 Special Feature: Science for Ocean Sustainability. Earth Systems Governance. https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/earth-system-governance/special-is...

    2015-2018 Special feature Envisioning Sustainable Transitions. Elementa: Sustainability Traditions https://online.ucpress.edu/elementa/collection/246/Special-Feature-Envis...

    2013-2015 Special Issue International Fisheries: Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences

  • Environmental Studies Section of the International Studies Association

    Chair (2013-2015, 2022-23)

    Program Chair (2011-2013)

    Execuitve Committee (2016-2018)

International Activities

Earth Systems Governance Project

2021-date Member of the Scientific Steering Committee

2017-date Lead Research Fellow, Co-Lead Oceans Taskforce (http://www.earthsystemgovernance.net/oceans/?page_id=95)

2017-date Senior Research Fellow

2016-2017 Research Fellow