Fall Course - ENVS 89 Forest Biogeochemistry

ENVS 89 Forest Biogeochemistry

This course is ideal for someone planning to continue as a researcher in forest ecosystems, and for someone looking to apply forest ecosystem principles in the policy realm. 

In Fall, 2016, we will include a section on applied forest biogeochemistry, which will entail understanding the relative role of fossil fuels and biofuels such as wood chips and ethanol in contributing to atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations.

ENVS 89 requires as pre-reqs ENVS 2 (or the equivalent) and one additional course in ecology or earth sciences. The course consists of reading the peer reviewed literature and presenting papers and discussing them. A problem set and short briefing paper and a lengthy literature review paper will be assigned.

Please contact: andy.friedland@dartmouth.edu with any questions.