Morgan Edward Peach


Morgan Peach practices ecosystem science to promote just, sustainable futures. His research spans built environments to wildlands, above- and belowground, in exploration of ecosystem dynamics that alter environmental quality. Dr. Peach applies his expertise in education, land management, entrepreneurship, and inclusive design. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College's Ecology, Evolution, Environment and Society Ph.D. program, where he was mentored by Dr. Andrew Friedland.


102 Fairchild
HB 6182


  • Ph.D. Dartmouth College
  • M.S. University of Oregon
  • B.A. Middlebury College

Selected Publications

  • Peach, M.E., Richardson, J.B., Friedland, A.J. 2021. Legacies of Nutrient Accumulation and Depletion in Residential Ecosystems. Ecosystems.

  • Peach, M.E., Pries C.E.H., Friedland A.J. 2021. Plants and earthworms control soil carbon and water quality trade-offs in turfgrass mesocosms. Science of the Total Environment 753:141884.

  • Peach, M.E., Ogden L.A., Mora E.A., Friedland A.J. 2019. Building houses and managing lawns could limit yard soil carbon for centuries. Carbon Balance and Management 14:9.