Paul Metzler

Soil Ecology Lab Manager

Paul Metzler manages all technical operations of soil ecology research in the Chaudhary Lab and oversees field experiment operations as NEON liason. He earned a MSc in forest biology from the University of Alberta and published research on the belowground molecular identification of boreal forest plants. He has worked for land management agencies, conservation groups, and academic institutions in Oregon, New Mexico, the Canadian boreal forest, and Chicago. Ask him about restoration in the Alberta Oil Sands region, biological soil crusts, native seed collection, and plant-fungus mutualisms.


105 Steele Hall
HB 6182

Selected Publications

  • Metzler, P., M. La Flèche, and J. Karst. 2019. Expanding and testing Fluorescent amplified fragment length polymorphisms for identifying roots of boreal forest plant species. Applications in Plant Sciences 7(4): e1236. doi:10.1002/aps3.1236