Smriti Pehim Limbu

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Smriti Pehim Limbu is an EEES postdoctoral fellow advised by Bala Chaudhary. She earned her Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in September 2023, during which she was a Smithsonian doctoral fellow. Her Ph.D. research primarily focused on the effects of drought and elevated CO2 on plant-plant and plant-microbe interactions of grassland species. Smriti's research interests include studying the impact of global change on plants, microbes, and their interactions, utilizing experimental and data synthesis approaches. Apart from her research pursuits, Smriti is passionate about teaching and mentoring the next generation of students and researchers. She designed and taught a course titled "Agroecology: A Global Perspective" through the Johns Hopkins Dean's Teaching Fellowship. This experience deepened her understanding of the importance of fostering diverse and equitable learning environments for students.

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PhD, Johns Hopkins University