Alumni Stories

Alisa White '17 ENVS Major Published in Plos One

As an undergraduate, Alisa White ’17 conducted a survey of 992 Vermont forest landowners to assess their willingness to join a carbon offset program and generate carbon offsets from their forest land. Carbon offsets allow individuals and companies to offset their carbon footprints by investing in environmental projects around the world. 

Her senior thesis was based on the survey, the results of which—yes, the landowners were interested—were reported in a recent issue of the journal PLOS One.

Click here to read the Dartmouth News article.

Click here to read the Plos One publication.


Jessica Zischke '16

Women’s and Gender Studies Major, Environmental Studies Minor

Good Food Foundation (formerly Seedling Projects)

San Francisco, CA

Production Manager

The Good Food Foundation is a non-profit based in San Francisco that seeks to promote tasty, authentic, responsible food (and drink!) and the American crafters making it. Our largest annual project is the Good Food Awards, through which we find the most delicious and sustainable craft food producers across the nation and seek to acknowledge their hard work. We also hold small-scale trade shows called Good Food Mercantiles throughout the year. At these, we aim to bring together these same great crafters with local/regional/nationwide retailers who are interested in connecting with them and forming wholesale relationships. You can learn more about GFF and our events at

Autumn Brunelle '15

Environmental Studies Major

City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation

Bloomington, IN

Natural Resources Education Specialist

After graduation I immediately moved to Point Reyes Station, CA where I was an Assistant Fisheries Biologist and Monitoring Intern for Endangered Coho and Steelhead salmon species for Point Reyes National Seashore. This was an internship through the Student Conservation Association (SCA). After this internship I moved to Bloomington, IN for my current position, Natural Resources Education Specialist at City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation. I create programs for the public, conduct after-school “nature clubs” and take local schools on “Nature Day” field trips during the Spring and Fall. I also work with the community center to teach kids about all things nature!

Contact: [email protected]

Joe Indvik '10

Economics Modified with Environmental Studies Major


Washington, DC


My degree in Economics modified with Environmental Studies has propelled me further than I could have imagined. Since graduating, I spent several years in the consulting world helping companies, agencies, and other groups green their operations. In early 2014, I co-founded SparkFund, a start-up in Washington DC that provides streamlined financing for energy efficiency projects.  My experiences in environmental studies at Dartmouth--which ranged from proposing the Dartmouth Green Revolving Fund in ENVS 50 to going on the Africa FSP--were among the most fun, important, and formative in my life to date. It was an amazing ride, and one that has continued after college.

Contact: [email protected]

Phoebe Racine '14

ENVS and Anthropology Major

Food Agriculture Organization

Rome, Italy

Fisheries and Aquaculture Department Intern

I will be working on a project that is concerned with aquaculture as a tool for mitigating the effects of climate change. After my work at the FAO it is probable that I will be working at World Wildlife Fund in DC.

Contact: [email protected]

Michael Perlstein '14

ENVS Major

EnerNOC, Inc

Boston, MA

Energy Markets Operations Intern

EnerNOC provides Energy Intelligence Software and Demand Response services to commercial and industrial clients. It's a fun, young company that's growing quickly (1,000 employees around the world, 500 in the Boston office). If you're interested in energy markets or the way that the world uses energy, I highly recommend it. Contact: [email protected]

Janna Wandzilak '14

ENVS Major w/ Psychology Minor and Pre-Vet

Closed Loop Advisors

New York, NY

Sustainability Consulting

I am working at Closed Loop Advisors in NYC, a Sustainability Consulting firm (and LOVE it). I also want to go to grad school in sustainability management at some point! Feel free to contact me: [email protected]

Aislinn McLaughlin '14

ENVS Major

Park Street Capital, LLC

Boston, MA

I'm working on the natural resources investment side of PSC, which is a private equity firm. My work is to be determined, but I'll probably be picking up where I left off in my internship, doing research on best practices for companies that drill for natural gas, harvest timber, etc. and serving as a resource on all things environmental for the company and its clients.

Contact: [email protected]