Student Spotlight

Alisa White '17 ENVS Major Published in Plos One

As an undergraduate, Alisa White ’17 conducted a survey of 992 Vermont forest landowners to assess their willingness to join a carbon offset program and generate carbon offsets from their forest land. Carbon offsets allow individuals and companies to offset their carbon footprints by investing in environmental projects around the world. 

Her senior thesis was based on the survey, the results of which—yes, the landowners were interested—were reported in a recent issue of the journal PLOS One.

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Isiah Swann '20 ENVS Major Earns Bushnell Cup as Ivy League Defensive MVP

The Ivy League and the National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame (NFF) today announced the winners of the Asa S. Bushnell Cup, which honors the Ivy League Football Players of the Year, and Dartmouth cornerback Isiah Swann earned the defensive honor.

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Poli Sierra-Long '19, Growing a Miracle of Nature at the Dartmouth O Farm

All summer long, at Dartmouth’s organic farm, Poli Sierra-Long ’19 has been nurturing what she thinks of as a miracle of nature. Happen upon her watering or weeding her huge, rainbow-colored squash nestled in a robust web of vines, and you’ll hear a remarkable story of botanical survival.

In 2008, Canadian archaeologists excavating a site on the Menominee reservation in Wisconsin found an 850-year-old pot containing squash seeds, which were planted a few years later. Second-generation seeds from those plants were given to Sierra-Long, a pre-med chemistry major modified with environmental studies. 

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Caribbean Coral Conservation and the Future of Fishing

Tyler Pavlowich has spent much of the last five years in villages along the northwest coast of the Dominican Republic, studying the interplay of fishing practices, the health of the area’s coral reefs, and the local economy.

Working closely with local fishermen, he has concluded that how they fish and what they catch can make a big difference to the coral reefs. “It isn’t surprising, given their extensiveness and biodiversity, that coral reefs form an integral part of the social fabric and economies in many tropical nations,” says Pavlowich.

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Student Spotlight: Oliver Edelson '18

ENVS major Oliver Edelson '18 co-authored a peer-reviewed article in Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems with Andrea D. Basche titled "Improving water resilience with more perenially based agriculture."  Dr. Basche is an agroecology scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, where Oliver interned and conducted research during an off-term in 17W.

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Student Spotlight: Environmental Studies major Julian Marcu '18

Environmental Studies major Julian Marcu '18 is featured in "A Deeper Shade of Green:"   Julian shares his thoughts on sustainability, energy & business, his study abroad program in Copenhagen, and his trip to CERA Week in Texas. Read about how Julian has cut his own trail here.

Alex Scalfani ’18 & Madison Sabol ‘18 - Sustainability Solutions Café - May 3

Sustainability Solutions Café with Alex Scalfani ’18 and Madison Sabol ‘18
Wednesday, May 3, 2017
B03 Moore

Our Civic Responsibility: Reflecting on the People’s Climate March

What does it mean to be an engaged citizen? How are Dartmouth students acting upon this role? In these tumultuous political times, it is more important than ever to be informed and active in representing environmental and social justice interests. In this talk, Madison and Alex will reflect on their experience at the People’s Climate March in DC on April 29 in respect to their background as environmental studies majors. In the words of Terry Tempest Williams, “Action is the antidote to despair.” Choosing to grow into our civic responsibilities may take us out of our comfort zone, but is essential for our personal journeys as agents of change.

Sponsored by the Porter Family Fund for Sustainability in the Curriculum.